Getting Involved on Campus: Why It Matters

By Inland Empire Success | June 18, 2024

Going to college in the Inland Empire doesn’t have to be just about classes and exams. There’s so much to do outside of academics, you won’t have time to fall asleep in the library!

Here’s how you can get involved on campus and enjoy a richer, more rewarding college experience.

Build Your College Community

Getting involved in campus activities is a big part of finding your crew. You’re sure to find friends  who share your interests. You could join the environmental club and connect with other eco-warriors. Or join the drama club and discover other budding actors. 

These connections will become friendships, and that big campus will start to feel a whole lot smaller and more welcoming. A strong support network of friends will be there to celebrate your successes, console you during tough times, and be your study partners, too. 

Joining clubs, sports teams, volunteer organizations, or cultural groups opens doors to new experiences and opportunities while creating a sense of community that can last a lifetime.

Don’t hesitate to dive into campus activities—it’s a vital part of your college journey.

Explore Your Interests and Passions

Campuses are filled with clubs and organizations for all kinds of interests. There are business clubs for future entrepreneurs, cultural clubs celebrating different heritages, and social clubs for movie buffs or board game enthusiasts. There’s literally something for everyone.

You might think you only like video games, but then you join the robotics club and discover a hidden talent for engineering. Maybe you’re into sports, but the college newspaper ignites a passion for writing. 

Activities are a fantastic way to explore new passions you never knew existed or discover hidden talents. Step outside your comfort zone and you might be surprised to find where your college journey takes you! 

Develop Your Skills and Your Resume

Getting involved in campus activities is like attending a skill-building workshop.  If you join the student government, you’ll gain leadership experience by organizing events and motivating your team. Working with others in a club or volunteer project teaches you teamwork and how to solve problems with a group.  

Getting involved isn’t just about fun, it’s about gaining skills that will make you stand out in the job market! Leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving are all skills employers look for, so add them to your resume to showcase your achievements. 

Find Your Voice and Make a Difference

College offers platforms to express your values and engage in causes you’re passionate about. Joining them will give you valuable experience and let you contribute to a better world.

Participating in volunteer work, internships, or clubs demonstrates your dedication and ability to make a positive impact in your community. Student government and civic groups give you the opportunities to make your voice heard and create positive change. 

Balance Involvement and Academics

Balancing activities and schoolwork might seem tricky, but the key is mastering time management. Make a schedule that prioritizes your classes and studying. Don’t forget to factor in club meetings, practices, or volunteer work. 

There are also resources on campus to help you stay on top of things, like tutoring centers for tricky subjects. 

But being involved can actually improve your grades!  Participating in clubs or sports can help you focus better, reduce stress, and even develop better study habits through teamwork and group projects. 

So getting involved isn’t just time off from studying, it helps your academic success too! Aim to strike a healthy balance between involvement and academics to make the most of your college experience.

Discover Unique Experiences Beyond the Classroom

When you get involved in campus activities, you open the door to unique experiences outside the classroom. You might attend conferences with experts in a field you’re interested in, or travel with a student group focused on a particular culture.

There might be competitions where you can test your skills against students from other colleges, or workshops where you can learn a new hobby. College campuses are full of opportunities that will lead you beyond the classroom! 

Explore College Resources

Finding your perfect activity is easy! Most campuses hold involvement fairs showcasing all the clubs and organizations available.  Or you can check out student organization websites or visit your college’s career center. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to upperclassmen who are already involved and advisors who can help you navigate the involvement scene. Explore, ask questions, and get ready for an unforgettable college adventure!

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