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Education Paths

IE Success is committed to helping you chart a personalized course toward your education. Whether college, specialized job training, or returning to school as an adult, your journey to success starts with the right education path.

Education paths: Going to College

Soar Higher with Advanced Education

Going to College

IE Success provides resources and insights for both 2-year and 4-year college options. Whether you’re considering community college, a state university, or a private institution, we’ll help guide you through choosing the right path for your academic and career aspirations.

Master Your Skills, Ignite Success

Job Training

Unlock the doors to career advancement through targeted job training. IE Success empowers you with information on acquiring specific skills or trades that lead to high-demand jobs. Elevate your household income by investing in education that directly translates into professional success.

Education paths: Job training
Education paths: apprenticeships

No Cost, Hands-On Learning


Explore apprenticeship opportunities that open doors to hands-on learning experiences. We’ll guide you through apprenticeship options, providing valuable insights into industries offering practical training. Discover pathways where you can earn while you learn, setting the foundation for a successful career.