Resources and Support for DACA/Dreamer Students 

By Inland Empire Success | June 18, 2024

At IE Success, we believe that every DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipient and Dreamer has a bright future ahead, filled with opportunities for success. To help you on your journey, we’ve put together a friendly guide to some of the best support systems available for Dreamers:

Mental Health Resources 

UndocuHealth Initiative by United We Dream: Offers webinars, a mental health toolkit, and other resources for undocumented individuals.
Immigrants Rising: Provides mental health resources, including connections to professionals and support groups.  

Educational Support 

Higher Ed Immigration Portal: Helps undocumented students find which states offer financial aid and how to use it.
Immigrants Rising: Provides a list of scholarships and fellowships available to students, regardless of immigration status.
Hispanic Education Endowment Fund (HEEF): Scholarships for first-generation Hispanic students in Orange County.
California Community Colleges:  Provide immigration legal services, including DACA initial application, renewal assistance and consultations to screen for affirmative immigration relief, to immigrant students faculty and staff through the DACA Assistance Fund. 

Health Resources 

National Immigration Law Center (NILC): Detailed reports on healthcare access for DACA recipients.
UNIDOSUS: Updates on DACA and healthcare coverage eligibility.  

Legal Resources 

Informed Immigrant: Guides for finding immigration lawyers and renewing DACA status.
National Immigrant Justice Center: Offers free legal assistance in partnership with top law firms.
Central American Resource Center of California (CARECEN): Provides high-quality, affordable immigration legal services.