CaliforniaColleges.edu gives you a free, one-stop shop to identify strengths, monitor progress, develop plans for after high school, and explore colleges, majors, careers, and financial aid opportunities. 

DISCOVER YOUR GOALS: Find a career that matches your interests and learn what college degree or other training you’ll need to get there.

PLAN YOUR PATH: Map out your high school coursework using the Academic Planner, track your progress, and find out what financial aid options are available to you.

LAUNCH YOUR FUTURE: Launch and track applications for California State University, California Community Colleges, FAFSA and the California Dream Act.

If your school is in a partner district (listed here), the site connects directly to your transcript data, giving you even more tools, such as checking on your “a-g” progress that determines your eligibility to attend California State University and University of California schools.. 

To access or create an account, click on the lock icon at the top of the screen. If you’re in a partner district, you may have an existing account. If not, click “Create an Account” to begin your journey.