Time Management For Students

The Time Management For Students page explores virtual tools and tips to help you manage your daily routine.

Tips and Tools: Time Management For Students

Scroll through the page to discover three free applications to help you manage projects and daily routines.

In addition, you’ll find tips to manage your time during remote learning created by educators at CSUSB and UCR.

Time Management Tools


Trello is a free and flexible list-making application to help individuals and teams manage projects and tasks. 

To manage their time, user can create projects and organize sequence of tasks to be completed. Then, users can add notes and completion dates to inform and order their workflow

In addition, Trello can add attachments to tasks, integrate with other apps, and download onto your smart phone.

If you need help organizing your projects and tasks, then Trello can get you going.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free calendar app in GSuite designed for individuals who want to effectively organize thier day. Calendar allows users to manually schedule their day and integrates with other services like Trello.

For example, if you register for a webinar via Zoom, you can integrate Zoom into Calendar. So, the event you registered for will be added to your Calendar. Further, events sent to your Google Mail account can be added to your calendar instantly.

Google Calendar can also be downloaded onto your smart phone.

If you need help scheduling your daily routine, then get started with Google Calendar.


Taskade is a real-time organization and collaboration tool used to map out workflows. Taskade helps individuals optimize their daily routines to be more consistent and results-oriented.

For instance, students can build a tree of school projects and sequence of tasks necessary for completion.

Taskade is cross-platform and syncs on all devices. Therefore, the Taskade app can be installed on, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Mac and PC.

Moreover, users can collaborate on projects and chat with one another in real-time.

If you need helping organizing your projects and tasks, then download Taskade.

Time Management Tips

Work Smarter, Not Harder: 18 Time Management Tips

Want to learn how to be more punctual to class, submit assignments on time, and feel like you have more time in the day?

If you’re struggling to manage your time, or want to optimize remote learning, then check out CSUSB’s tips. 

CSUSB created a list of 18 time management tips to help students get better at managing their time in college.

Manage Your Time Wisely: Be a Disciplined Remote-Learner

Are you struggling to manage your time, but don’t know the source of the problem?

UCR has shared a time management inventory and developed tips to help students become disciplined remote-learners.

First, take the time management invenotry to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Then, review UCR’s time management tips to learn how to overcome your weaknesses.